Bashkir dish «Chak-chak» (çäkçäk)

Used ingredients for cooking the Bashkir dish chak chak.

Bashkir dish chak-chak (çäkçäk)

Dishes of Bashkir cuisine: chak-chak

Ethnic cuisine: Bashkortostan

Used ingredients for cooking the Bashkir dish chak chak:

  • Eggs: 3 pieces;
  • Butter: 1 teaspoon;
  • Flour: 2 items;
  • Soda: pinch;
  • Honey: 60 g;
  • Sugar: 100 g;
  • Water: 1 tbsp.
  • Salt.

Bashkirian food chak-chak


Beat the eggs with a mixer, add salt, soda, flour, melted butter and mix with a mixer until the lumps are eliminated.

We leave the mass under the lid in a warm place for half an hour.

While our dough gets the right charge and shape, we take for syrup.

In the water at room temperature, add sugar and honey, and mix.

The dough is rolled into a thin cake, cut into strips and rolled into flagella.

Cut into small pieces.

On a hot frying pan pour out the vegetable oil, fry the products from the dough to a golden crust.

Gently drain the oil, add the almost finished chak-chak into the deep dishes.

While she did not have time to cool down, pour the syrup and put the desired shape.

The geometric figure will cool and be ready for use.

chak-chak bashkir recipe

Enjoy your meal!

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