What is the oldest religion on earth?

  • 2018-02-11
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In the public consciousness and near-scientific circles the opinion that Islam emerged much later than other religious teachings of our planet was strengthened. It is believed that Islam emerged 600 years after the emergence of Christianity, 3-4 thousand years after the advent of Judaism and much later than religious beliefs such as Buddhism or paganism.


According to historians, Islam was created by the man Muhammad (peace be upon him and the blessing of the Lord of the Worlds, whom Muslims esteem as the main and only Islamic prophet who has put the cornerstone in the foundation of religion.

In addition, many believe that the Koran is the only sacred book of Islam that Muslims do not accept other sacred texts, do not study them and do not believe in them.

But are all these representations or the history of the emergence of Islam truly more extensive and complex? Is it true that people who took the teachings of the prophet became the first on our planet by Muslims? Is it possible to consider as historically fair statements that Islam has only 14 centuries since its foundation? Let’s figure it out.

Islam is the oldest of all religions and unique from God

First of all, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the terms. The very word Islam in Arabic means «submission», «humility». That is, the bearers of this religion follow only the One Lord, being humble before him and answering him for every act or fault. Allah is one, he does not have handy, he is not guided by anyone in his deeds. God’s will is absolute, like his power over people and everything that happens on the planet.

From the word Islam comes another word — «Muslim,» which can be translated as «obedient to the Lord.» It is from this word that the Russian word «Muslim» occurs. For comparison, the word «Krishna» means the follower of Krishna, Buddhist — Buddha, Christian — Christ. By analogy with these words, many people think that a Muslim is only a follower of the Prophet Muhammad. In fact, the word means a person who submits to the One Lord. The very word «submission» is a direct synonym for the word Islam.

But how did the history of Islam develop, as a religion of obedience to the Most High? When did the first person call himself a follower of the teachings of Allah?

To answer these questions, it is necessary to return to a deep antiquity — at a time when life on Earth was not yet.

It is known that the creation of all things began with the creation of the cane by the Almighty. This unique subject was ordered to trace the existence from the beginning and up to the End of the World, or the Day of Judgment. The whole history of mankind must be stored in the Tablets, which are gradually opened one after another. The cane fulfilled the command of Allah, having inscribed in the Book of Heaven everything that mankind had expected in its difficult life. The pen can be called the first performer of the will of Allah and, accordingly, the first Muslim.

After the creation of all things, God took a piece of sunlight and created from them submissive angels. The angels were faithful followers of the teachings of Allah, none of them went against their Creator. These sacred beings still fulfill the Lord’s commands to this day. The faith of angels is incredibly strong, and righteousness is impeccable.

  • We found out that Islam, like obedience to Allah, arose before all things on earth were created.
  • It was at this moment that all the inhabitants of the Earth were Muslims.
  • But over time, there were those who departed from the teachings of the Lord, who became disobedient to God.

Even before the creation of people, Allah inhabited a deserted and silent planet with spirits. These creatures were created from fire, and their nature radically differed from human. People are limited by the possibilities of their body, they are completely enslaved by material things. For spirits, such barriers do not exist. The Almighty summoned the spirits to obedience to him, and at first they followed his request. Time passed, spirits overpowered unbridled desires and passions, which they could not resist. Passion is always anger, always violence. Soon the spirits mired in all sorts of sins: they corrupted, lied and even killed.

  • In the history of the emergence of Islam, spirits are considered to be the first traitors of faith, infidels and apostates.
  • After the Creatures of the Most High have turned away from him, they have a new religion, whose name is «lust.»
  • This religion has made them wicked, greedy, eager for power, debauchery and glory.
  • The new religion had its own temples — brothels, taverns, narcotic dens.

To spirits armed with sin, it seemed that their power knew no boundaries, and they cursed the Almighty. Allah could not tolerate such an appeal, he sent his angels to Earth, so that they would crush the wicked. The heavenly army crushed the religion based on debauchery. The perfume-apostates were defeated. Several surviving spirits have hidden themselves from the wrath of the Lord in the deepest crevasses.

After punishing the sinners, the angels decided to take one of the spirits to heaven from heaven. In their opinion, a boy who grew up among the Lord’s soldiers near the Almighty could become saturated with great wisdom and subsequently bring this wisdom to Earth.

Islam is the oldest religion. Evidence of Truth

Islam is the oldest religion. Evidence of Truth


The child grew up surrounded by angelic care and love. However, Allah knew that the earthly being can not completely get rid of lust, treachery and hatred. When this boy-spirit grows up, he will follow in the footsteps of his sinful parents and become known to all people as «Iblis» (devil).

After a time known only to the Almighty and which a person simply can not realize, Allah created the first man. He got the name Adam. The Lord considered this creation to be ideal for life on Earth, and he ordered angels on their knees to greet Adam, expressing his respect and love to him.

The Quran says that all the angels obeyed God and bowed before a man, only one disobeyed Allah. As you may have guessed, this only violator of God’s will was Iblis.

The Lord was angry with a rebellious spirit, crushed him and threw him from heaven. From that moment, Iblis hated the human race, the genus of Adam. The devil believed that people are guilty of his fall and expulsion from Paradise.

Iblees vowed to seduce people, but acknowledged his impotence before the real slaves of the Lord, truly loyal to him. In response to the words of Iblis, God said that He would create the most terrible place from the existing ones — Hell, and in this place the devil will be, and in this place his followers will go.

Obviously, by the time of the separation of Hell and Paradise, all beings were Muslim, except for part of the overthrown spirits. The spirits acknowledged that they can not escape from the punishment of the Lord anywhere: neither in the sea, nor under the earth, nor in the air. And the only salvation for them was obedience to Allah, faith in his greatness, strength and comprehensive intelligence. He who believed in one God became stronger, ceased to be afraid of earthly sorrows, grievances, all kinds of oppression.

The spirits said that among them there are apostates, those who refused to go the only right way. In the Quran it is noted that these violators of the will of Allah are waiting for Gehenna Fiery.

With the exception of some spirits, all creatures that existed at that time expressed their sincere submission to the Creator. The Quran appeals to the doubters, pointing out that even the angels of heaven fell down before the Lord, the spirits of the underground, all living and nonliving on our planet.

Even the celestial birds offer their glorious song to the Lord — so why are the people whom God has bestowed with reason, shirk their duty to the Creator? Every living being has his own prayer to God, and Allah knows and feels all those who pray.

In the Koran, the Lord is called forgiving. God has an incredible endurance, he can wait for a long time, until a person becomes wiser, descends from a pernicious path. But if the patience of Allah is over — grief to the wicked, earthly and heavenly punishments await him.

At the beginning of the act of Creation, the Lord said to the earth and to the sky, to all creatures inhabiting the universe, that they should come to Him of their own free will and obedient to it.

And all beings submitted to the One God, as if they chose to do so, and passed through the ways of the heavenly punishment. But only with spirits and people the Lord concluded a special contract, only to them he gave free will, limited only by the Covenant-the Holy Scripture. On this covenant all generations of people were to live, until the running of times is over.

Of all the existing creatures, only people and spirits could choose to submit to God or turn away from him. And the Covenant was offered to other kinds of living beings, but they were frightened, preferring to remain unreasonable.

The Koran says that the contract offered to all is a heavy burden, and people were not afraid to take it upon themselves, for which they are given a lot, but the demand from them is enormous.

Given to the people the covenant allows Allah to seek souls hypocritical, insincere, evil, and punish them. To the good, believing and loving souls, God gives his love and mercy. For there is no one in the world more just and merciful than the Lord.

Adam concluded a contract with Allah, according to which man can choose for himself two ways — the path of obedience and the path of disobedience. On the first road, he is rewarded, on the second — severe tests. The only prohibition that God imposed on Adam — to him who is in the heavenly tabernacles — was not to approach the only tree and eat its fruits. In the rest, a person could walk everywhere and do whatever he pleases.

The ancestor of all people carefully observed the covenant of the Lord, he was a faithful Muslim and never tried to break the word given to God. However, Iblis began his destructive work. The devil whispered in Adam’s ear that he and his wife, Eve, need to taste the fruit. Iblis said that the fruit can make Adam as powerful as its creator. Vanity and lust forced Adam and Eve to enter the fatal path. They tasted the forbidden fruit, breaking the oath given to the Lord.

God was greatly disappointed by people, but their deep remorse melted his soul. The Creator decided not to alienate them definitively, as a criminal Iblis.

In the books on the history of the emergence of Islam it is said: Allah took into account the fact that Adam and Eve themselves did not go to the path of sin, but were brought to him by Satan.

Nevertheless, the apostates were severely punished. The Lord cast them out of paradise, forced them to work hard for their own food, Eve had to bear children in torment, and the Earth became a temporary refuge for people. After the end of the time of people, the Lord’s judgment awaits, on which their sins and good deeds will be taken into account.

Adam repented, acknowledged his crime before God and the justice imposed on the human race. Allah has accepted the repentance of man.

So the first people became inhabitants of the Earth, and they were, as it is not difficult to understand, Muslims. Adam, Eve and their children believed in the One Lord. For millennia, people did not even think about worshiping anyone other than the Creator. The human race was submissive.

  • All things obeyed God, respected Islam.
  • Even the heavenly bodies, the Sun, the Moon, the stars were obedient to the Creator and praised Him in every way.
  • The universe was obedient to the Lord. But soon everything changed.

In the darkest and most unknown part of the universe was a tiny world in which the spirits lived. Iblis turned his attention to these creatures. Drawn by Satan, the spirits turned away from their Creator, cursed him. This place in the universe became the focus of Evil, the place where the battle of the humble Allah righteous with hordes of Hell took place. Now people had to constantly choose — on which side they are. They needed to learn to distinguish truth from falsehood, good from evil, diabolical from the divine. Each person is free to choose for himself a place in which he will continue the afterlife. It can be paradise booths and unity with the Lord, and maybe horrific Hell — a place more terrible than any people’s fantasies.

But Iblis did not rest, having cast Adam and Eve from the heavens, making the life of the people difficult and sad. The devil was angry that the descendants of Adam can at any time return back to the paradise booths immediately after death and resurrection. Of course, for this they needed to be righteous in their earthly ways. Thus, Iblis not only prevented people from living on the Earth, adjusting to them all sorts of intrigues, tormenting and torturing them. In addition, Satan began to do everything to people to abandon the Lord, fell into hell for eternal torment.

At first, people remembered perfectly about the treaty that the forefather of the human race had concluded with Allah. The task of the devil on the temptation of people was very difficult. The history of Adam and Eve occurred relatively recently, human memory has not yet managed to forget it. In addition, the angels during this period of the history of Islam were frequent guests on the Earth, they instructed people on the true path, helped them in every possible way.

Satan chose the only possible path for him — the path of expectation, patience and thorough knowledge of the nature of man. Iblis very soon realized that the weakness of the new creatures of the Lord is more than enough. And one of the main imperfections of people was a bad memory. Very soon they forgot about their Creators, plunged into lust, sin and debauchery. It was at this moment that the devil stepped onto the front of the stage, and now practically nothing prevented him from leading people to perdition. The greatest dream of Iblis — the dream of plunging people into sinfulness and the overthrow of God’s favorite creatures into Hell Hell — has become as close to fulfillment as possible.

Since the expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise, thousands of years have passed. People settled the entire planet, having achieved great success in mastering the territory that God gave them. Many were righteous, others violated the commandments of Allah, but no man doubted the one essence of the Lord. Polytheism in those days did not exist as a phenomenon. People did not praise any creature or phenomenon to the divine level, did not bring to it prayers, did not connect with it their being or the afterlife. This behavior was strange and strange for people.

At that time, the first righteous appeared on our planet — exclusively God-fearing, selfless and sincere people. In any place on earth, the righteous were accepted as loyal slaves of Allah. According to the history of the emergence of Islam, the righteous were five, their names — Nasr, Suva, Yauk, Wadd and Yagus. They were sincere Muslims, who never forgot the only religion handed to the people by the forefather Adam.

After a while the righteous died, and in one day. For people this became a powerful blow, because they considered Nasr, Suva, Wadd, Yagus and Yauk their defenders before God.

And then Satan entered the game. Iblis noticed how strong was the love of people for the righteous, how powerful emotions they experienced at parting with them. And the devil decided that it was time to reduce the human race from a single path. Satan realized that the death of the righteous gives him the opportunity to create a new religion, polytheism, which will disconnect people, make them hate and kill each other.

So, using the human grief and love for the dead orthodox, the devil began to inspire people that it is necessary to remember the dead, it is necessary to build temples in their honor, write their images and build monuments. According to Iblis, a person who remembers the righteous was also pleased with Allah.

And people went on about Satan, began to make idols, put them on the central squares of cities. As yet, the human race remained faithful to the One Lord, but the poison of lies, lavishly poured by Iblis, has already begun to destroy the human souls.

A few more centuries passed, many generations were replaced. Gradually, the goal with which the statues were established began to be forgotten. Now, very few people remembered that the statues were established only in order not to forget the righteous. Gradually people began to ask the idols for help, solving some problems, began to offer prayers to them. They thought that the prayers transmitted through the monuments would soon reach Allah.

Among the people began to quickly develop the cult of the dead. The dead were worshiped, afraid of them, offering prayers to them.

Gradually, stone sculptures became prototypes of new gods, idols. People forgot who owned these monuments, the names of the righteous ones were erased from their memory. Of course, the deceased in no way heard the prayers of the people, did not feel their victims and did not solve their problems.

Turning to polytheism, humanity committed a crime before Allah. Instead of obedience to the creator, people created new gods for themselves from unsuspecting righteous people. Of course, the joy of Iblis had no limits. The devil could quite easily lead people from the only true path, just inventing a new religion.

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But Allah is omnipotent, therefore Satan’s joy was premature. When the Lord sent the prophet Noah (or Noah) to the earth, Iblis fell into despair. Nuh was ordered to return humanity to the womb of monotheism, the religion of the forefather Adam, to overthrow the new gods and appeal to a righteous life.

The task of Nukha proved to be extremely difficult. The Prophet did everything to make people understand, but sin entered deep into their souls and mind. Mankind did not want to abandon religions, which, by the way, by that time were already hundreds and thousands of years old. Islam has become alien to them, strange and frightening, as well as all that we do not know. People did not want to understand that prayers addressed to the righteous are not the same as praying to the Lord.

Of course, there were those who listened to the sermons of Noah, and returned to the fold of Monotheism. As they say in the history of Islam, these people said that they do not know any other god except Allah, and Nuh is his messenger.

But repentant was not enough, most people remained true to pagan gods, remained disobedient to God. Nuh did not lose hope, for many years he strongly exhorted the human race, was looking for a key to their souls. He was thwarted by ignorance, debauchery and lust, hidden in the most human nature. Nuh experienced much in the way of his service to the Lord — they laughed at him, threatened him and even threw stones at him. People can be understood — they tried to protect the views that formed their fathers. But these views were false and often based on their sins — the thirst for power, avarice, pride.

And when he saw that the people of Noah do not have righteousness, do not want to take one God into their hearts, Allah became angry. The Creator overthrew people from the heavens. The streets of cities turned into rivers, the human race was almost interrupted. Only those who survived Islam, including the Noah family, survived.

Survivors began to build the world according to the canons of obedience to the one God. But humanity is arranged in such a way that it constantly comes to the same rake. Again, the ubiquitous Iblis did not stop his destructive activity.

  • People again waited for the test.
  • The devil took into account his mistakes and began to act more subtly, inspiring people with new religious ideas and beliefs.

Iblis knows the approach to every person. If he deals with a rich man, he plays on his vanity. For those in need, it instills a constant fear of poverty.

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Mankind, by and large, is just the beginning of a return to the One God, and on this path it is expected of the temptations of Iblis, heavy mistakes and severe errors. But those who stand on the side of Allah, can feel the Lord’s love for himself and his immense kindness to all life on Earth.

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