Amazing Photos of Muslims Praying

Every day millions of Muslims turn toward Mecca and pray. They are required to pray five times a day – at daybreak, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset and evening. Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau spoke in defense of the traditional Muslim bathing suit — burkini. «We should not be limited only to tolerance, we need to go beyond it. We must accept, be friends, understand everyone who lives in Canada. Only this is the only way to exist in a modern, rich, self-sufficient community in which people’s rights and choices should be respected, «the prime minister of Canada said in particular. He also stressed that in Canada the prohibition of Burinki is extremely unlikely. Recall, at least 15 cities in France have already officially banned the wearing of burkini on public beaches. With the support of such a decision, Prime Minister Manuel Valls also spoke.

1. Prayer time starts During a Graduation ceremony and a recent Muslim Graduate starts to perform his prayer.
It really made me think, if this guy can keep his prayer before his graduation speech in front of thousands of people, rest of us have no excuse.

Prayer time starts During a Graduation ceremony

Video: this man is Praying Salaah in front of THOUSANDS of people at his graduation

2. Prime Minister of Canada praying with Muslims after Winning.

Prime Minister of Canada: «It was nice to spend Iftar»

Prime Minister of Canada praying.

About Niakab, the neo-conservatives and the new Prime Minister of Canada

Canadian Muslims breathed a sigh of relief: after a dark decade of draconian orders by Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau offers a breath of fresh air that returns Canada to the traditions of multiculturalism and all-embracing.

If Harper, in fact, stopped any relationship with a million Canadian Muslims — he even hardly knew the way to the cathedral mosque — then Trudeau Muslims are not a stranger.

As chairman of the Liberal Party in 2012, he regularly visited mosques, Iftars and other Islamic events.

His party boasts a large number of Muslim parliamentarians, and Trudeau recently appointed Minister of Democratic Institutions Maryam Monsef (Maryam Monsef), thereby making her, as far as we know, the first Muslim woman in the Cabinet.

Moreover, the new prime minister has never shied away from publicly demonstrating his connections with the Muslim community. Even under the colossal pressure of right-wing forces opposed to his presence at the conference on the «RIS Convention» in 2012, Trudeau did not flinch and fulfilled his promise, despite unfriendly comments in the media.

His speech on election night, in which he gave his understanding of his positive attitude to the hijab, also confirmed his sincere belief in the multiculturalism (the pioneer of which was once his father) and the desire for a pluralistic society.

Thus, it is fair to admit that the days of anti-muslim rhetoric of the government and leading politicians for some time have remained in the past. In any case, the change of leadership alone saved the Muslims from the emotional and psychological burden caused by close surveillance and constant suspicion of their address under Harper’s regime.

The changes that the Canadians were waiting for were largely related to the nostalgia for Doharper’s times, when the country was not split along racial and religious lines — it was with this that Trudeau came to them.

Perhaps it’s time to offer a thanksgiving prayer.

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