Why You Should Use Miswak!

What is Sivak (miswak)? Miswak is a small Arak wood stick. In the scientific world, Arak is called Salvadora Persica, the plant grows in China, India, the Philippines, and the Middle East.

Miswak and its beneficial properties for oral health

Anyone who has visited the museum of paleontology at least once, must have paid attention to a strange circumstance, namely, the condition of the teeth of the ancient human ancestors. Considering that in those days there was no talk about a dentist, toothpaste or dental floss, how did our ancestors manage to keep our teeth in a very good condition?

The answer is simple — they used natural herbal remedies. In Australia, these were eucalyptus leaves, in South America — the roots of exotic plants, in India, China and the Middle East — Sivak (miswak).

It is unlikely that you ever thought about the composition of the toothpaste that you use daily for cleaning your teeth. For fun, take the package and check out this list of chemical elements and obscure names. How does one or another component affect human health remains a mystery. However, all these substances are daily brought into our body, because it is impossible to brush your teeth without swallowing a small amount of paste.

For example: the composition of any modern toothpaste necessarily includes the substance SLS, otherwise called sodium lauryl sulfate. This component is necessary for foaming pasta, without it hygienic means will spread over the teeth like honey. It is proved that SLS has a negative effect on the skin, dries it, irritates. From here — dermatological problems of the oral cavity, the formation of comedo. Another negative side of lauryl sulfate is strong penetration. The component penetrates deep into the epidermis, is introduced into the cells, introducing into them nitrate compounds, metal salts and toxic elements. SLS changes the very structure of cellular protein — this is especially dangerous for children. As a result, the child may get sick, for example, cataracts.

Propylparaben and methylparaben contained in toothpaste belong to the group of preserving substances. Thanks to these components, a hygienic product can last for years. However, all parabens have carcinogenic effects, which can lead to cancer in women.

Manufacturers must add flavors and flavorings to toothpastes: without them, hygiene will be unpleasant to hold in the mouth. Flavoring agents can cause allergies, and phthalate flavors are classified as carcinogens.

All of the above substances are added to soap, shampoos, shower gels, but it is in the composition of toothpaste that they have the most destructive effect on the human body. This is due to the high absorbency of the oral mucosa.

But how to avoid health problems caused by the use of toothpaste? Do not brush your teeth? Do not resort to such radical measures! It will help the natural natural component — Sivak. Another name for this unique hygiene product that has been used by mankind for thousands of years is miswak.

Apply Sivak as a toothpick. The tip of the wand splits, easily penetrating into the most difficult places, removing food debris and bacteria that have accumulated between the teeth. Miswak received special distribution in Muslim countries. An important point: the herbal remedy is mentioned in the Quran, so it can be considered part of the Sunnah treatment. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and the blessing of the Creator applied the Sivak to brushing his teeth and advised his disciples and co-religionists to use this stick.

The chemical composition of the miswak

The useful properties of a miswak (sivak) are associated with its excellent chemical composition. The miswak contains over 25 naturally occurring highly active ingredients that have an extremely beneficial effect on human health. It:

  1. tannic acids;
  2. soda bicarbonate;
  3. cellulose components;
  4. essential oils;
  5. aromatic resins;
  6. substances of the alkaloid group;
  7. mineral salts;
  8. fluorine;
  9. sulfur compounds;
  10. vitamin C;
  11. silicon dioxide;
  12. saponin;
  13. flavonoids;
  14. styrene;
  15. trimethylamine.

One can only marvel at the wisdom of nature, which united in one plant a chain of components that are useful specifically for the health of teeth, gums and oral mucosa! This makes Sivak an absolutely unique natural product.

Miswak - Sunnah - Sivak

Useful properties of the miswak

In 2012, scientists from one of the research centers of Germany decided to conduct an interesting experiment, in which 100 people took part. The first fifty participants during the month were given toothpaste, the second half of the subjects — miswak. The results were just amazing!

Those who used toothpaste complained about the poor condition of the mucous membranes, pain in the gums, the appearance of sores in the mouth. In the group that used the Sivak, on the contrary, there was a dramatic improvement in the condition of the oral cavity. The teeth of participants in the experiment became whiter, many have disappeared spots on the enamel. Scientists have explained this effect by a high concentration of silicon and other bleaching substances in the wood of Arak. The components of the sulfur electroplating group suppressed the growth of bacteria, preventing the development of caries and bad breath.

Trimethalamine contained in the sivak has relieved the experiment participants from inflammatory and abscess processes in the oral cavity. The use of a toothpick by children alleviates pain when new teeth appear. Fluid components make miswak an excellent means of preventing caries in children.

According to the results of the experiment, German scientists recommended that everyone use a “magic wand” made from arak wood as a toothpick.

In 2016, the findings of scientists from Germany were confirmed by their American colleagues. In particular, it was found that Sivak sedative effect on the mucous. This is due to the suppression of viral and pathological environment. Already after the first use, 80% of bacteria and microbes die. This prevents the development of caries, periodontitis and even scurvy. The beneficial effect of Miswak on the teeth does not stop immediately after use: the substances act for 2 days.

In addition to the purely hygienic effect, the herbal preparation works as a dietary supplement. It is known that in the oral cavity, especially in the joints of the gums and tooth, there is a huge number of biological points responsible for the work of the senses. In addition, bio points are associated with the jaw joints, frontal sinuses and spinal nerves. Especially important is the connection of bio points to the nerves, because the condition of our muscles, joints, and extremities depends on the proper functioning of the nervous system. Biotochki are involved in the functioning of other organs: liver, heart, lungs, vessels, stomach, spleen, intestines, hormonal glands, bladder, etc.

Using a Sivak, we massage the bio-points of the oral cavity. Such an effect eliminates pain, relaxes muscles, contributes to the speedy recovery from osteochondrosis. The daily use of miswak is an excellent prevention of more than 70 diseases. In addition, this procedure allows you to gain clarity of mind and improve memory.

Note! If you cannot quit smoking in any way, the same Sivak will help you: the use of an arak wood stick removes cravings for tobacco, facilitates the rejection of a bad habit.

What else is useful miswak?

As already mentioned, the miswak is mentioned in the Hadith of the Prophet. But this is far from the only description of the beneficial properties of the mouthwash. Thus, the great scholar of Islam Ibn Kayim in his work “The Prophet’s Medicine” described in detail the useful properties of the Sivak. Ibn Kayim highlighted the following peculiarities of Arak wood:

  • prevention of caries, periodontitis;
  • treatment of gum disease and teeth;
  • high-quality cleaning of the entire oral cavity;
  • refreshing effect;
  • wound healing;
  • antibacterial effect;
  • reduced salivation;
  • getting rid of bad breath caused by poor condition of teeth and gums;
  • scurvy prevention;
  • improvement of vision by affecting the nerve endings in the mouth associated with eyeballs;
  • removing darkening on enamel, tartar (using a toothbrush and toothpaste to remove tartar is extremely
  • difficult, since its main part is concentrated in a hard-to-reach place on the neck of the tooth);
  • ligament treatment, voice restoration;
  • improvement of the digestive system, treatment of the stomach and intestines, stool normalization;
  • tonic and tonic effect;
  • the return of clarity of mind, acceleration of thought processes, deliverance from lethargy and apathy;
  • positive effects on the male reproductive system.

In other words, miswak is a true storehouse of health. A person applying this amazing tool will strengthen his body and soul, he will not need doctors.

The use of miswak is sunnah

One of the hadiths contains the following words: “Sivak cleans the mouth, and this is pleasing to the Lord. Every time I came to the Prophet, ṣallā llāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam. Jabrail instructed me to use Sivak, I was even afraid that they would make Sivak using farz (duty). If I were not afraid to burden my ummah, I would have made it a duty. ”

That is, the use of Sivak is a business pleasing to Allah, this is a Sunnah treatment, which is extremely important for Muslims.

Miswak is a natural, natural substitute for toothpaste, toothbrush and dental floss. You will quickly notice improvements in the condition of your teeth and the entire oral cavity.

In addition, Sivak has a pleasant taste with a slight bitterness, it easily «burns» the skin. Sticks with a diameter of 1 cm, packed in vacuum bags, are on sale. In this state, the Sivak can be stored for about a year.

Before use, the stick must be held under a stream of warm water. Tip to remove from the bark about 1 cm and chew. Bristles will appear at the end, almost like a toothbrush, and you should brush your teeth with them. After brushing your teeth, run the stubble across the tongue — it will get rid of bacteria and unpleasant smell.

SubhanAllah so many blessings with such a small object!

How to use miswak?

How to use miswak:

  1. Remove bark from sivaka stick with a knife or teeth
  2. Open the fibers with your teeth
  3. It should be about the same brush as in the photo
  4. Brush our teeth like a regular toothbrush.

Sivak can be used as a regular toothbrush

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