Ramadan 2019 — Daily Checklist

Ramadan 2019 Daily Checklist

Ramadan Is Just Right Around The Corner. Don’t Enter This Month Without Setting Out Your Plan Beforehand. Our Goal In Ramadan Is To Keep Our Selves Busy With Performing Righteous Deeds & Remembering Allah Much So We Can Gain God-Consciousness And Come Out As Better Muslims. Let’s Make This Ramadan A Memorable One.

The Below Are Some Ideas One Can Do Daily During Ramadan. If You Have More Ideas, Go Ahead And Add It To The List.

  • The More,
  • The Better,
  • The Greater,
  • The Reward.

Ramadan 2019

Ramadan 2019

Daily Checklist:

  • 1. Fajr Prayer with Morning Dhikr (Remembrance)
  • 2. Duha Sitting — From Fajr Till Sunrise (Reading Quran, Zikr,
    Dua …etc)
  • 3. Duha Prayer (At Least 2 rakahs)
  • 4. Read At Least One Part Everyday + Memorize and Reflect
    On The Verses Of The Quran
  • 5. Praying Much On The Prophet (peace be upon him)
  • 6. Charity (Sadaqah). Even if it’s a very small amount
  • 7. Seeking Knowledge (Reading/Listening)
  • 8. Calling To The Way Of Allah (Dawah — Enjoining Good /
    Forbidding Evil)
  • 9. Upholding Family Ties
  • 10. Reviving A Lost Sunnah (Ex. Using a Siwak Before Each
  • 11. Holding Your Tongue & Lowering Your Gaze From Haram
    (No Arguing, No Backbiting, Watching Movies, TV Shows, Music …etc)
  • 12. Being Good To Parents (Putting A Smile On Their Faces,
    Helping Out…)
  • 13. Evening Dhikr (Remembrance)
  • 14. Dua (Supplicate For Parents, Muslims Suffering, Family,
  • 15. Breaking Someone’s Fasting (With Date, Water…etc.) or
    Feeding The Poor
  • 16. Obligatory Prayers (On Earliest Time)
  • 17. Recommended Dhikr After Each Prayer
  • 18. 12 Sunnah Prayers (2 Before Fajr, 4 Before Dhur 2 After, 2
    After Maghrib, 2 After Isha)
  • 19. Dhikr Before Bedtime With Wudu
  • 20. Taraweeh Prayer
  • 21. Tahajjud Prayer
  • 22. Seeking Forgiveness Before Fajr (Istighfar)
  • 23. Constant Dhikr Throughout The Day»

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